Chris Forrester – Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Here you can find my recent work activities and contact details.

“Chris is your one man post production facility” – Luke Carpenter

Employers & Contacts

Casual Films 2013 & 2015-2016 (Freelance) 02034118040
Matchmoving and screen replacements, marker removal and roto work fast turnaround on over 3 minutes worth of footage.
Stop motion cleanup.
40+ vfx shots requiring matchmoving, tracking, invisible fixes, marker removals, greenscreen extraction and comping.
After Effects services provided. Keying and rotoscoping. Camera tracking used to assist rotoscoping. Amendments made to previously worked on projects.

Th1ng 2010 & 2013-2015 (Freelance)
After Effects CC 2015 creating rigs using DUIK and puppet pins, animating said characters and building shots to match a storyboard.
Compositing for a Butlins advert.
Compositing on Ardbeg advert, shadow puppet syled animation, sky replacements, and digital sets.
Soleve commercial, mixture of AE and Nuke used for set extensions, and creating a fireball tunnel.
Lead compositor for 2×90 second Abilify adverts, worked on a pitch storyboard.
Compositing on Rice Crispies characters for a packshot.

Nexus Productions 2012-2015 (Freelance) +44 (0)207 749 7500
Compositing on the BBCs “Sprout Boy meets a galaxy of stars”.
CG compositing for two Orange adverts directed by Smith & Foulkes.
Compositing for (American Greetings).
Compositing on commercial for Johnny Appleseed.
Nuke compositing on internal NDA project.
Nuke compositing on Project Runway for New York City, a pitch for Coors the 3rd Shift, and Salvation Army.
After Effects compositing for Fuze Tea (Submarine section).

Glassworks 2015 (Freelance)
Beauty work for Dior lipstick.
Compositor on a Samsung commercial.
VFX work for “The Shoes” new music video.
PS4 commercial.
Oculus Rift project details to be announced in the near future.

Molinare 2015 (Freelance)
Compositing on the TV series for BBC2 “London Spy” I worked on more than 60% of the VFX shots.
Compositing on a feature film, title to be announced soon.
Compositing on Yonderland season 2.
Compositing on Dads Army Movie (2016).

Tangerine Films 2013-2015 (Freelance) +44 (0)1753 655099
Working under NDA for a high profile car brand, assisting in the creation of videos demonstrating future car designs.

Portabello Post & Luti Media 2012 & 2014-2015 (Freelance) +44 (0)208 969 3236
Beauty work for Melissa Steel music video “You Love Me?” Ft. Wretch 32.
Beauty work for music video by Nick Brewer & Bibi Bourelly “Talk To Me”.
Compositing on Ibiza weekender commercial.
Compositing sign replacement for Kodaline.
Compositor ‘Black Widow’ music video for Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora
Compositing in Nuke for a JLS music video.

The Bank 2015 (Freelance)
Lead on a 20 second commercial TBA.

Brewery Visual Effects and Animation 2015 (Freelance)
Nuke services for Sky 1 TV Series “Critical”.

Contented Brothers 2015 (Freelance)
Stop motion cleanup and merging muiltiple animation layers.

Steam Motion and Sound 2012-2014(Freelance) +44 (0)207 734 9530
Commercial for famous Dutch Violinist, I took design panels and created the look for moving images.
After Effects compositing for a David Garrett music video.
Creating a 3D world within AE, and building a look for asteriods falling from the sky.

Jaffa Graphics 2014 (Freelance)
After Effects removing of car wipers from many minutes worth of video.

Maverick Advertising and Design 2014 (Freelance) +44 (0)20 7378 6969
Nuke keying and tracking elements into live action plates, used Mocha for AE and scripts to speed the process. 3-4 minutes worth of footage turned around quickly.

Lola Post Production 2014 (Freelance) +44(0)20 7907 7878
Digital compositor on a feature film, (Exodus: Gods and Kings) work includes stereo compositing, integrating matte paintings, and sky replacements.

Smart Cookie 2014 (Freelance) +44 (0) 1483 277765
Nuke compositing and stereo 3d work on an NDA project.

Fieldtrip 2014 (Freelance) +44 (0)203 206 6450
Nuke and After Effects, Compositing for a Choco Jelly commercial (Vray multipass compositing).
Moo cards commercial tracking/cleanup and screen replacements.

VisualHouse 2014 (Freelance) +44 (0)207 492 1719
Nuke compositing on an architectural video for a high-end yacht.
Nuke compositing on an architectural video showing a new Sydney development.

Variant Office 2014 (Freelance)
Nuke compositor. Photoreal 360 degree rotations of cars, multiple colors of the same shot created each version to look as good as the print stills for every angle.

Tandem Films 2007 – 2009 & 2011 & 2013-2014 (Freelance) 0207 6881717
I provided technical support and hardware design/ decisions to allow the smooth running of a 25+ team of artists working on a 78 episode animated tv series.
Worked on short form adverts, Cocopops, Weight Watchers, Kinda Bueno, Guardian Newspaper.
Provided services also for an in house film, and PC World / Currys adverts.
Compositor on stop motion advert for Heinz Pasta Pouches.

Smyle 2013 (Freelance) +44 (0)1992 535 535
After Effects animation and motion graphics for a Saleforce video demonstrating its use within healthcare.
Motion graphics created for a pitch.

Locomotion 2013 (Freelance) +44(0)20 7304 4403
CGI compositing for a fresh juice campaign.

Carbon Digital 2012 -2013 (Freelance) +44(0)161 686 5740
Keying and rotoscoping on a project for BBC F1 “How much does a crash cost”.
Nuke compositing on CSL Sofa advert.

Not To Scale 2013 (Freelance) +44(0)20 7734 4575
After Effects Compositing for Luna job, CG passes from Houdini.

Agile Films 2013 (Freelance) 02070002882
After Effects motion graphics and animation.

Rupert Ray 2012-2013 (Freelance) +44 (0)7973669748
Mixture of compositing and Technical setup and advice. Recent jobs involved in are Simply Health, Sun Bingo Commercials, and Samsung Visuals for CES.

Uli Meyer Studios 2010-2013 (Freelance)
Compositing on Domestos toilet cleaner, Raid Bug spray, Honey Cheerio’s, and Nestle Cookie Crisp
Commercials and creating animatics for client testing. Using Nuke, After Effects, Mocha.

Voodoodog 2012-2013(Freelance) +44 (0)207 387 2049
Instructional videos for YouView using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Bedlam animation Ltd 2012 (Freelance)
Compositing of stills for NDA project (Photoshop).

Simona Ciraolo 2012 (Freelance)
After Effects compositing for a short film called Heritage fight.

Kazoo Creative London 2012 (Freelance)+44 (0)207 636 9296
Compositing services provided for Ride To Hell video game trailer.

We Are Design Studio 2012 (Freelance) +44 (0)207 490 8954
Compositing photo realistic Nokia phones (Nuke).

Seb Barker 2012 (Freelance)
Compositing on Feature film “The Sweeney” (NukeX).

MiniVegas 2012 (Freelance) +31 (0) 20 820 22 60
Compositing on Intel Ultrabook (NukeX).

Berg Ltd 2012 (Freelance)
Screen interface animations and compositing.

EyeD Creative 2012 (Freelance) +44 (0)207 407 1440 Mirko Parmigiani
Moshi Monsters advert.

DeadPixels 2011 – 2012 (Freelance) +44 (0)207 287 5550 Chris Eades
Compositing on Westfields Christmas advert.
Compositing on Foxy Bingo & Maplins.

Airside 2011-2012 (Freelance)
Supervised stop motion shoot and the compositing for a short internal brand film for a telecoms company.
Lead on the compositing for the music video “Flashman – To The Victor The Spoils”.
Compositor on Simply Health advert, and work on various pitches.

Beanimation 2001 June – 2009 June (Full time) 2009-2012 (Freelance) 0207 6202595 Gayle Martin
Compositing with clients using an AE setup, working on projects from linetest stage to finished
product. Jobs include, Chocpic (Nestle), Nesquik (Nestle), Harry Hill, Domino’s Pizza (Sky One),
BBC, Wolfblast (Sky Sports), Cartoon Network, Gatorade, HSS, Optiumum, Spee (Henkel).

Various freelance jobs (Freelance) 2009-2010
Work produced for clients advertising, Dove, Vision Express. Carlsberg, Ford and others.
Comfortable jumping into new companies and teams. I am at ease deciphering other peoples files and work methods.

Wordsearch Film 2009-2010 (Freelance) 020 7269 0060 David Groundwater
Compositing of video wall visual for architectural visualization.

One Hand Clapping 2009-2010 (Freelance)
DVD content designed and authored using Encore.
Compositing on Dido music video.
3D and Compositing for Ironman2 virals,
Elton John “If It Wasn’t For Bad” music video,
Senit music video.

BeglanBrothers 2009 (Freelance) 0203 0528708 Charles Beglan
Compositing services provided on a Kelloggs stop motion advert and print artwork. 2009 & 2011 (Freelance) 07788738828 Kate Sullivan
News At Bedtime cartoon sketch ( ) Compositing and 3D.
Titles for a Film London shortfilm. 2009 (Freelance) 07949 869054 Antoine Piazza
Short form editing on FCP with clients.

McKeown/Devita Productions 2007 – 2009 (Freelance)
Compositing on Lily Allen/Mark Ronson music viral,and various other music videos (Fear of Music, Andy Burrows, Johnny Flynn) and short form adverts (pot noodle).

The Victorians 2007 – 2008 (Freelance) 07959 342624 Mark Harrison
Editing for short form adverts/ sponsorships mostly for the computer games market (THQ) and compositing.

  • Proficient in the Adobe range of products
  • After Effects CC 2015 ( Registered with the Creative Cloud )
  • After Effects CC Certified
  • NukeX 6.3 / 7 / 8 / 9 . Gizmo creation and coding tools with python. (license available on request).
  • Many third party plugins for After Effects. Red Giant/ Re:Vision / Digi Effects / Video CoPilot / BorisFX CC and FEC (all licensed for recent versions of AE).
  • Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator.
  • Anime Studio, formerly MOHO (vector animation, similar to flash).
  • Syntheyes Pro for matchmoving cameras and tracking objects (Support Contract till 2016).
  • Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro 4, ideal for rotoscoping, tracking, removal. (license owned).
  • Toonz (paint and trace)

I used to edit on a Final Cut Pro (FCP) HD setup (AJA Kona card), but previously used a DPS Velocity System SD. I can operate a Sony DVW-A500P Digital Beta cam Deck, and UVW1800P beta cam deck. I use NUKE by the Foundry in the production environment. I am able to create my own gizmos to simplify common tasks and with python automate actions/customize my Nuke experience. I am at ease using the 3D environment in NUKE, I am able to use projection mappings for removals and cleanplate generation. I have used NUKE closely with Maya, sending and receiving different data ie Cameras, Objects. I have 3D Stereo experience within short films and feature film experience.

Experience working with Maya (3d package) building and texturing of simple objects and animating them to accomplish what I have required for different adverts. Maya has been used for producing projection mapping and matte paintings. I have used Boujou and SynthEyes Pro for match moving, to be used in either Maya or my chosen compositing package.

After Effects used on a wide range of jobs, live action, stop motion, full CG renders, and mixed media. I posses a high skill level in all areas of compositing and consistently get jobs completed to the highest standard. I make use of available plugins and scripts extensively to add to my tool-set in After Effects, these all help to optimize my workflow and allow me to often complete the work of two people in the same time. I am at ease using the integrated Cinema 4D renderer (Cineware) in After Effects and use this frequently to produce effects that would be difficult or time intensive to do in After Effects without it.

Music Videos
The Shoes “Submarine” Ft Blaine Harrison.
Melissa Steel “You Love Me?” Ft. Wretch 32.
Nick Brewer & Bibi Bourelly “Talk To Me”.
“Black Widow’ music video for Iggy Azalea ft Rita Ora.
Elton John “If it wasn’t for bad”.
Dido “Grafton Street”.
Lily Allen & Mark Ronson “Oh my God”.
Fear of Music “Better Living Through Chemistry.
Andy Burrows “Boxes”.
Johnny Flynn “The Box”.
JLS “Give Me Life”.
Flashman “To The Victor To The Spoils”.

Feature Films
Dads Army (2016).
TBA Film (2016).
Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) – digital stereo/compositor (4 shots).
The Sweeney (2012) – digital compositor approx 50 shots.

Abilify medication.
Comet Store.
Currys & PC World.
Domino Pizza.
Ford Cars.
Fuze Tea.
Harry Hill.
Heinz Pasta Pouches.
Honey Cheerios.
Hospital for Specialist Surgery (HSS).
Kelloggs Cereal.
Kelloggs Coco Pops.
Marriott Hotels.
Moo cards.
Nestle Chocapic.
Nestle Cookie Crisp.
Nestle Koko Krunch.
Nestle Nesquik.
Nintendo DS.
Pot Noodle.
PS 4.
Raid Bug Spray.
Salvation Army.
Simply Health.
Spee Washing Powder.
The Guardian.
Wolf Blass.