Andy Burrows – Boxes

This was a job completed at McKeown Devita Productions

Work required
I was brought in quite late into production to help out with just a few of the shots.  These were the front and end movement of the camera into and out of the house, and the musical notes moving around the young boy in a whirlwind shape. 
The movement into the house required the original 2d artwork to be cut into “panels” and have the perspective removed so I could build a similar room but using After Effects (AE) 3d.  We wanted some feeling of depth and distance from the objects so by recreating the scene in 3d we could achieve a more realistic camera feel than with the original artwork.  It is subtle but helps the otherwise static shot.
The other shot I worked on is just past the middle (about 55 seconds) it has the boy being held in the air by a vortex of wind with the musical notes spiraling around it.  This also used 3d in AE with the notes being hand animated but also parented to various null objects to help with regular motions, for example moving in a regular circle around the boy.