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Nexus Productions – Smith & Foulkes – Orange Commercials

I had the pleasure to be the sole Nuke compositor on one of these fun commercials for Orange (Romania).  These two characters are always getting up to some kind of mischief or mini adventure.  The animation is entertaining and really catches your eye.  This was rendered multipass to allow a lot of flexibility within the composite and also required a little clean up on the CG.  I am looking forward to hopefully working on more of these in the future as I very much enjoy seeing the work of the animators bringing these two characters alive!


American Greetings – Thank You List

Being a fan of the artist Keira Rathbone for her typewritter art work ( I was excited to work on this project because the style reminded me of her work, sadly she was not invovled in the project. This piece was created for the online site it is an interactive piece whereby you choose whom you’d like to thank and your message to them along with a photo and it will create your very own personal video that you can then have sent to your choosen person.
I was involved in the compositing for this piece within a small team, we used a mixture of Nuke and After Effects. A version of the film can be seen below but the site is also still live so I highly recommend you give it a try if you have a friend you’d like to thank!


Film Team
CG Lead: Dara Cazamea
Storyboards: Cyrille Nomberg
Animation: William Lorton
Animation: Sabrina Lecordier
Animation: Ines Pagniez
3D: Pierre Clenet
3D: Remi Cauquil
VFX: Stuart Armiger
VFX: Pierre Clenet
VFX: Zoubein Rana
Compositing: Bence Varga
Compositing: Aitor Arroyo
Compositing: Chris Forrester
Compositing: Gianluca Vecchio