Modern Warfare 3 – Mission Control Screen

David Sayeed of Animated People arranged for me to interview with a company who deal mostly with computer game motion graphics. My previous work has not really been in that area so to sweeten the interview we decided I would mock up a Modern Warfare 3 style video clip. The clip was used to demonstrate my wide range of skills in After Effects and SynthEyes, I set out to demonstrate that I understood the look and feel for their work and to show my technical knowledge and work methods that allow for swift changes to be made and for shots to be re purposed quickly. The company was very pleased with the extra effort put in, they understood that the framework for the project had been put in place and that with more design time I could easily produce the work they would require.

The video below is a presentation of some of the steps involved in creating the above piece. Please view it in full screen mode for best results.

I also created a pdf document which outlines the important steps I took in creating this clip, you can view it here

Me Me Me

This was something I put together one weekend.  I was curious to test out some virtual cameras in After Effects (AE) and a good old fashioned cloning test seemed appropriate.  The camera was mounted to a tripod and various shots taken of myself.  These video clips were then placed in 3d so that they join next to each other.  I could then place a camera inside of the circular perimeter of video clips and rotate and zoom however I felt.  There was also some masking required as occasionally I overlap my clones.  I did make the mistake of allowing the camera to white balance automatically and got some rather large colour shifts  as the shots move around, I was not really in the mood to tackle that problem :- P