Carlos Bar Fix

This was a job completed at BEanimation

This is a section from a product sequence that was used in a chocapic advert.  You can see the original shot (labeled “Before”).  The chocolate was substituted with blocks of shaped wood and unfortunately you can see the corners so it does not look like a juicy solid chunk of real chocolate.  The main problems are highlighted in the red circles, the corners and lack of clear product label.  The original shots were shot on high speed film and lasted over 10seconds each, I have sped them up here.  I created the final shot with a mixture of methods.  The logo was artworked then tracked and masked into position.  The new corners were a created from other takes that the client preferred the look of, and also new artwork.  Where we used other takes these had to be retimed and repositioned to match my new hero shot, and again any new artwork tracked and positioned into place.  You can see the final shot in the video clip.