Chocapic – Abyss

This was a job completed at BEanimation.

Work required
I was compositing on this job, it entailed treating alot of the 3d artwork.  The first group of shots of the sea had entire new skies placed in to look more moody and with a stronger storm feeling.  Alot of the 3d elements needed better integration into the shots with colour grading, we added quite a few camera effects in post different depth of field blurs on shots.  Shot 4 (wave crashing into the boat)  was some stock footage that we  purchased, it was masked out positioned and distorted to create the feel we wanted.  This had alot of treatment to it so that the whites of the wave looked fluffy white and so that it matched the 3d sea.  There were various shadows painted onto the boat to help integrate the wave better.  Shot 7 (the chocolate swirl) was created in lightwave (by a freelancer) but had a few issues the shape and twirl was working well but the middle had an awkward shape that needed to be fixed in post.  Also the render was not looking as “wet” as this final version, it was graded substantially with various passes extracted from the original render to produce the final look.
The underwater scenes had alot of bubbles added and little plant life placed in.  The red fish in various scene were modeled and setup for animation in Lightwave.  These jobs normally have about 12 different versions for different countries and a cut down of 20seconds created.  These are all played out to a digi-beta