Nesquik – Code Yellow

This was a job completed at BEanimation.

Work required
Required rig removal (shots 1,2,5,7,8,and 9).  Shot 6 the CG google view required a clearer pack than what was supplied to us there was no time to ask them to change it so we tracked in new artwork, this included a larger basket.  There were also changes made to the white house to give the roof a feeling of some age without making it look to tattered.  Shot 11 had some cosmetic work done to tidy up the fingernails of the young girl (hand painting new nails), also the skin was smoothed to remove blemishes. The text wipe on the toy was done during post.
The rest of the shots required the bunny to have his tones applied and integrated into the environment.  This is done with rotoscoping, and drawing of cast shadows and contact shadows.
Worked with clients during a 2 day post to make any changes they required.  Master tapes were created onto a digi-beta.

Shot 11 breakdown