Nesquik – Gralle DUO

This was a job completed at BEanimation

Work required
I worked on this advert during all stages of production.  It concluded with a 2 day post production with the clients.  At this stage it was minor tweaks and adjustments mostly to Quiky’s (the rabbit) tones and integration into the live action shots.
In shot 6 (climbing the fridge) I created the props of the letters in Maya, these were lit, and animated to match the live action plate and Quiky’s animation.  The live action required much resizing and repositioning as the client was not very happy with the way the camera moved in this scene.  We had to reframe much tighter in the shot and force the camera to pull out whilst keeping the fridge top in the same position.
Shot 11 (Quiky jumping from the hammock) required the pack to be clearer so we tracked in some new artwork.