Pitch –

This pitch was completed at McKeown Devita Productions

Work required
The background artwork was created with the idea of having the camera pan and the feeling of multiple levels all moving and interacting, unfortunately you do not get to see this so much as most of the live action was shot stationary.  Because of time constraints (2days during the weekend) we were not able to shot on chroma key screens.  The video was shot against a relatively plain white wall in the office with a DV camera.  This required the keying to be separated off into different areas and treated differently as there was also much motion blur which I was trying to keep.  Most of the first day was tackled with selecting footage we thought might work with the ink spraying, and also getting her cut from the background.  This left just one day to build a nice background and to animate some ink splats that would be thrown out from her hands or general body gestures in one direction.  There are some scenes that work much better and show more what we wanted to achieve but time beat us in the end.