CCTP – Optimum Triple Play

This was a job completed at BEanimation

Work required
This was completed at 1080p HD (this version is the SD version).  Because of the lengths of the advert and the size of the frames it did require a little more planning of time.  We had the animator from the guiness hand adverts create some clips for us for the stop motion hand.  The “drawn” animation was done by 2 flash artist’s.  Myself and another compositer keyed, and rotoscoped the stop motion hands.  Whilst the flash animation was being worked on I was able to start to position and occasionally retime various hand clips to match the animation from the flash artists.  Later on once the animation had been approved the final details were added.  These included adding texture and roughness to the line and also drop shadows on the hands.  There were initially two 60 seconds and two 30 seconds adverts, which later followed with a version slightly adapted, this included another 60 and 30 second.