Composite Breakdown – Nesquik “Locked Out”

We start the shot with a clean background. The window on the left of the door needed cleaning as it was reflecting a lighting rig. From the takes they decided to use one set for the boy and girl on the right of the frame, and a different take for the 3rd boy. The boy and girl were roughly masked out trying to include as much of there shadows as possible and placed into the scene. Next we have Quicky (the bunny) placed in with his tones, a bowl and spoon were positioned to match his animation. The clip following you can see the take that had the preferred shot of the boy on his own. I decided to use a mixture of keying techniques and rotoscoping to extract him from the shot. For example I keyed the white in the hair area and also the sides of him, where as the spoon was rotoscoped to hold a better clearer shape. I knew he would be passing over Quicky often so the matte had to be very tight. You can see the matte that was used to cut him from the shot. The boy was then placed over Quicky.  Finally a shot of the fire engine was cut out and placed in and a digital camera zoom added to complete the shot