Composite Breakdown – Nesquik “Locked Out”

This advert required alot of rig removal due to the fact the wrong kind of remote fire engine was sourced by the film company. It was meant to be a wireless remote control. In this shot you see the red wire leading to the remote control, one on the rear raising it into the air and one on the front to pull it forward as it often did not move very well. To make matters more complicated the shot was not held but free roaming moving towards the shot. The 2nd shot shows the scene after rig removal, next followed another problem. The client felt the cat flap was large enough to fit the children thru and hence not needing the fire engine so the door trap needed shrinking, also the white rope of the fire engine was traced so it could be more visible. Next the bunny had his tones applied and placed in behind the boy. Some rotoscoping of the fire engine was required to place it in front of the bunny. Finally Quicky had his hands placed over the red engine and occasionally over the boy. Various other shadows were painted in to help integrate him better.