Composite Breakdown – Nesquik “Tents”

We start the shot with the clean background of the tent, next we have the animated monster he was matted into the scene using a procedural matte as the shape changed often. In the following image a lamp is placed into the scene (this was shot on green screen). Next we see the clip of the children leaving the tent, you can see the green screen was not lit well and not so much help to me. I found myself keying and treating different areas to try and achieve a matte that I was comfortable with. Unfortunately it was not really giving me the results I wanted in all areas so I dropped back to rotoscoping a lot of this shot where I felt it was necessary. It had much motion blur and feathering which I wished to keep that I was not achieving from keying. Overall though I feel the time spent produced a far more pleasing matte to extract them from the screen. We finish on the final composite.