Nesquik – Animal Kingdom

This was a job completed at BEanimation

Work required
Quiky (the rabbit) was placed into the various shots during linetest stage, and later had his tones applied these are various matte runs for shadows, highlights and also in this advert a shadow pass that gave the impression he was receiving shadows being cast from high up in the trees.  Quiky was graded to match the scenes and also integrated (drawn shadows, masking out trees so he walks behind them etc.)
Shot 4 (quiky appearing from behind the tree trunks) required the middle tree to be artworked to look like the others.  It was dug up from somewhere else and planted the wrong way round so you could see it was weathered differently, they felt it could do with a little more light hitting it so this was also artworked in post production.
Shots 11 and 12 (Quiky arriving at the tree house), had the outside grass, and ladder created afterwards.  During the live action shoot this was just a solid floor.  The CDs that the girl is waving in shot 12 were also replaced with clearer artwork and slightly larger.
Shots 13 and 14, had the game footage placed into the computer monitors.  This involved tracking and masking.  the footage was treated to the clients liking to integrate it.
Most of the shots required some form of tracking to lock Quiky into the scene or to speed up any rotoscoping.  They liked the feeling that the live action Director gave with his trademark loose camera work but this did not impact to much on my work afterwards.  There were many areas to get a good track from.
Various versions were mastered to Digi-Beta and delivered to the client.