Chocapic – Dune

This was a job completed at BEanimation

Work required
Worked on this from early stages to the final piece.  Mostly it invovled placing the characters, adding there tones, grading the various parts of the 3d artwork.  I helped to push a solution with the sand storm, we were struggling a little with getting the look we wanted from the 3d applications so there renders were processed much and layered with different versions to try and create a more dusty/cloud feeling.  There was also shots from live action sand and explosions that were created in house and integrated into some of the shots notably at the end when the car crashes out from the sand dune.  This particular pack shot was for the Romanian branded version (“with many/much chocolate!” )


Carlos Bar Fix

This was a job completed at BEanimation

This is a section from a product sequence that was used in a chocapic advert.  You can see the original shot (labeled “Before”).  The chocolate was substituted with blocks of shaped wood and unfortunately you can see the corners so it does not look like a juicy solid chunk of real chocolate.  The main problems are highlighted in the red circles, the corners and lack of clear product label.  The original shots were shot on high speed film and lasted over 10seconds each, I have sped them up here.  I created the final shot with a mixture of methods.  The logo was artworked then tracked and masked into position.  The new corners were a created from other takes that the client preferred the look of, and also new artwork.  Where we used other takes these had to be retimed and repositioned to match my new hero shot, and again any new artwork tracked and positioned into place.  You can see the final shot in the video clip.

Pitch – Carry On

This was a pitch put forward for BEanimation.  It was for an advert that would be promoting the DVDs of all the films, collect a new episode each week when you buy this magazine all about carry on.  They had some images of the characters.  I choose the Kenneth Williams character that they had clinging onto this pull down blind.  I prepared the artwork in Adobe Photoshop, and then moved to After Effects (AE) to animate him.  Various distortion effects were also used and the whole thing placed into a 3d enviroment so I could light it and have shadows cast.  This was put together during a weekend.


Kate McGill – Title

I created this in my free time to compliment the style of her website and to be possibly attached to the end of her YouTube video performances and remind people of her site.

Check her page out at this address
2010 – Kate’s website has changed recently and has a completely new look to it.
2012 – Kate joined a new band and is no longer pursuing a solo career.  Find them at .


Harry Hill – TV Burp “Christmas”

This was a job completed at BEanimation.

Work required
This is the Christmas version of the Harry Hill TV Burp titles that I changed.  It consisted of adding some props and a new logo.

Pot Noodle

This was a job completed at McKeown Devita Productions

Work required
Set of 3 already edited “viral’s” for Pot Noodle. The brief was to add karaoke style text, rather than the yellow bouncing ball a pot of Pot Noodle would bounce along to show you what word you should be singing. They were all of similar length to the example above and were completed in 2days which allowed time for some tweaks by the client.

Harry Hill – Tv Burp

This was a job completed at BEanimation.

Work required
Normally it is changing the content of the televisions, this is done maybe quarterly to match any new tv shows that they wish to promote/ have recognised in the title sequence.

I have worked on changing the titles to a RED NOSE day theme, and also they had requested a Christmas styled title. This had extra props placed in,trees, presents, tinsel, along with snow and glitter and flashing lights.

Arena –

This was a short piece created for advertising the look and feel of a website.

Nesquik – Code Yellow

This was a job completed at BEanimation.

Work required
Required rig removal (shots 1,2,5,7,8,and 9).  Shot 6 the CG google view required a clearer pack than what was supplied to us there was no time to ask them to change it so we tracked in new artwork, this included a larger basket.  There were also changes made to the white house to give the roof a feeling of some age without making it look to tattered.  Shot 11 had some cosmetic work done to tidy up the fingernails of the young girl (hand painting new nails), also the skin was smoothed to remove blemishes. The text wipe on the toy was done during post.
The rest of the shots required the bunny to have his tones applied and integrated into the environment.  This is done with rotoscoping, and drawing of cast shadows and contact shadows.
Worked with clients during a 2 day post to make any changes they required.  Master tapes were created onto a digi-beta.

Shot 11 breakdown